Thursday, January 4, 2018

Mac trash data recovery tool

I just deleted some of my folders on Mac OS X by accident, and then, I emptied the Trash. There are lots of favorite videos and movies in the deleted files. Computer hard drive is often used to save a plenty of data (like document files and media files). Mac users may take some measures to ensure the data security. However, if uses want to recover some useful data, which have been emptied along with the junk files, how to recover files from trash on Mac?

As is known to all, data in emptied Trash cannot be found in Mac any more. However, they remain intact in the Mac drive where they once located. It is a wrong perception that you cannot recover a trashed file on a Mac. Then, users need to seek for a ntfs data recovery software to perform data recovery. 

recover Mac deleted data
Mac Data Recovery, a powerful restoration application for Mac OS, ensures guaranteed recovery from multiple cases, like formatted or corrupted drives, missing critical file system structures, careless deletion, application crash and viruses invasion. It is fit for ordinary Mac users as its recovery process is very easy. Well, let’s see how to recover files from trash on Mac by making use of this software.

After downloading this program, you can install it on your system. Users can open it to get this main interface. Choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” module if the data got lost owing to virus attack. Secondly, choose a partition, in which the deleted data once positioned. Click “Scan” to go on. Select the needing files and hit “Save” to arrange another partition for holding them. Finally, click “OK” to end the work of mac deleted file recovery.

If you have any problem related to data loss in your Mac devices, you can try using this Mac data recovery software to recover files from trashGo to download a trial version if necessary.

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